Joel Lee

Joel Lee

Joel Lee

Canadian born country recording artist Joel Lee is a talented singer/songwriter. Joel has always had a passion for the arts and his artistic ability was noticed at a very young age, Joel was immediately identified as the “artistic one” in the family.

At about 10 years of age, Joel’s father Robert dropped Joel off at Mrs. Pickering’s cabin with the instructions to chop her wood and make she had enough firewood in her tiny cabin to last a week, it turns out Joel’s father Robert Wiggers had made a deal with dear 70 year old Mrs. Pickering, deal was that Mrs. Pickering would have her chores done every Saturday and in return she was going to teach young Joel to paint. Joel would learn from two amazing people, from Mrs Pickering he would learn to paint with oils and from his father he would learn the value of service to others and especially the deep reward found in helping and respecting his elders. Joel developed his skill as a visual artist and had excelled as a realism painter and today Joel is a very successful tattoo artist and owner of Joel Lee Tattoo Inc. on beautiful Vancouver Island.


Of course the visual arts would not be Joels only talent, like Joels late father Robert Wiggers, Joel would also become a talented singer song writer and musician. Joels father Robert Wiggers was a country singer in the late sixties and early seventies, often his dad would be on the road rubbing shoulders with legends like Johny Cash, Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Jr to name a few while touring his band The Hideaway’s. Growing up there were always instruments around the family room and when Joel’s dad was home he would show Joel and his brothers a few chords, and of course Joel couldn’t put the guitar down… Fast forward to the nineties and Joel would have his own family, A beautiful wife named Peace, two sons Marshall and Brayden and a sweetheart daughter named Brooklynn.

From 1998 - 2000 Joel would hone his skills as a lead guitar player in local band Acoustic Love, isn’t it interesting how life repeats it’s self as Joel’s family would be exposed to band rehearsal’s and like with his own childhood, Joel’s children would explore their own creative curiosity’s and pick up the instruments that would always be found in the families living room.

Joel Lee Graffiti

From about 2000 - 2010 Joel would heed his mother Tina Wiggers advice and attend church with his family, The deep seated spirituality help Joel thru a somewhat dark point in his life. Eventually Joel would serve as music director for his local church and this would be where Joel would find his voice. Joel’s family became involved in their local church, Joel as music director and his wife Peace, worked as the churches secretary. Joel would eventually develop his sons musicianship and with Marshall his oldest son on bass and Brayden his youngest son on the drums, they formed a very special trio… Sundays got a little bit louder.

The family trio would take a chance and enter a battle of the bands to see how they stacked up… they killed it as finalists and ultimately would claim runner up to a band with a decade under their belts… not bad for a dad and his two teenage sons 14 and 15 years of age respectively. Although the trio didn’t win the title they did win the hearts of the audience, judges and promoter, Andrew Roberts of Got Pop Productions, and in so doing the band had earned many great opportunities like immediately opening for well known west coast songster Daniel Wesley as the newly formed father and sons rock trio Braeden Marshal.

From 2011 - 2017 Joel and his sons performed and toured together sharing stages with incredible artists and bands such as Faber Drive, State of Shock, Prism, Headpins, Glass Tiger, Emerson Drive, Good Bamford, Chad Brownlee and Alyssa Reid to name a bunch… the band would also have the great fortune to record with some industry heavy hitters like Andre Wahl (Hawksley Workman), Jeff Dawson (Daniel Powter) and Mike Fraser (ACDC).

In 2016, Joel and his family were living in the northern city Fort St John, BC, the trio performed shows all around the Peace river region and Alberta. The trio entered and won a contest called “Rockin The Peace”. In preparing for the show the rock band felt they needed to play to the crowd and so Joel wrote 3 country songs, the trio performed the songs winning over the audience and judges, taking home a nice fat check and the headlining spot for the city of Fort St John’s Canada day celebration, you could say Joel’s country roots found their way to the surface.

Joel Lee Guitar

By 2017, after almost a decade of rehearsing, recording and performing, Joel’s sons would need a much needed rest and some time to find their own way so the trio agreed to take a break. Joel would take this opportunity to really explore his country heart and decided to pursue his love of country music. Joel would become solo country artist Joel Lee. After spending a year and a half writing and re-inventing himself Joel Lee would debut his new music at the Vancouver Island Exhibition in 2018, opening for headliner The Washboard Union, Backed by his two sons along with phenom vocalist Mikaila Tombe and the incredibly talented Tony Jenks on lead guitar, Joel Lee would draw a large audience impressing the promoter and The Washboard Union. Brent Fortin, (band director and bass player for The Washboard Union) and Joel hit it off, a few beers back stage and a plan to make a record, 6 months later Joel was recording a six song EP at the legendary Black Bird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee with producers Brent Fortin and Shawn Moore.

Joel Lee’s Debut release “No Filter” along with music video was released Valentines day April 21st, 2020. The record was very well received and with the momentum Joel would ready himself for a follow up release.

Adrenaline” was written during the onset and subsequent shut down from the Covid-19 outbreak. As it turns out the timing of this shut down provided Joel not only with the time to write but also the time to self produce and record a single about stepping out and living life with the pedal down. Adrenaline features 5 time Central Canadian bluegrass fiddle champion Tyler Beckett.

Adrenaline was released on Canada Day, July 1st, 2020 with an edgy music video that featured Harley stunt bike Team The Vanishing Ones led by Joel’s nephew Jesse Ryan. Currently Adrenaline is doing unbelievable at country radio across Canada and is sitting in the top 40 at #34 on the SiriusXM Country charts Nationwide.

Joel is about to release yet another Nashville single titled “Thank Him” fall 2020. The future is bright for this rising country artist, stay tuned.